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Company News About Nickel Plated Screws
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Nickel Plated Screws

Latest company news about Nickel Plated Screws

      Nickel-plated screws means that a layer of nickel is plated on the screw by electrolytic or chemical methods. According to the type of nickel plating solution, nickel-plated screws mainly include sulfate type, chloride type, sulfamate type, citrate type, fluoroborate type, etc.


      Nickel-plated screws, as the name suggests, add nickel-plated technology to the original screws. The screw is electrolytically or chemically plated with a layer of nickel.


     Nickel-plated screws have high stability and uniform thickness, and are suitable for surface anti-corrosion treatment of high-strength bolts. Nickel-plated screws have the advantages of nickel-plated technology, nickel-plated screws and nickel-plated nuts, which have become important products in special industrial fields.